Sound gear

  • Six wireless lapel mics
  • two shot-gun mics
  • Rycote Cyclone windjammer and windshield
  • one reporters mic
  • multi-track field recorder
  • hand-held recorder
  • boom-pole with boom buddy & stand
  • sand bag or weighted bag
  • mobile VoiceOver booth with VoiceOver microphone

Camera gear

  • Full HD Broadcast camera
  • DSLR camera & cinematic lenses
  • GoPro camera
  • SD camera

Lighting gear

  • Full three point lighting kit in mobile case
  • reflector & green screen
  • 8ft x 8ft frame with black/white background
  • on-board camera LED light

Editing gear

  • Full in-house editing suite
  • mobile editing suite in toughened laptop case
  • External hard drives for clients

Other kit

  • Glidecam
  • Slider
  • tripod for HDcamera
  • tripod for DSLR
  • monopod
  • Clamps, suction clamps for GoPro and waterproof casings

All gear fits comfortably in one vehicle.

"Ross MacLean is a talented and focussed filmmaker who I have worked with on a number of film and digital projects across Scotland and he has always brought his creative, technical and professional skill set to the table and delivered valuable results."
Jonnie Turpie MBE
Founder Director Maverick television